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Snapshot Podcast #15 | Matthias Henze (Jimdo)

Special Guest

Podcast Special Guest

Matthias Henze




Matthias Henze (Jimdo) talks about his tech success story, domain data at Jimdo and trends in the website industry in the Snapshot Podcast.

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01:27 Why your self-employed business needs partners
03:53 The beginnings of Jimdo and the journey to become a German tech success story
06:55 Difference between Jimdo and other website builders
08:10 Germany as an IT location in an international comparison
10:05 The role IT outsourcing plays for the scalability of a company
11:02 The partnership between Jimdo und InterNetX
11:37 The importance of a domain strategy for a website’s success
12:36 Domain data, most frequently used TLDs and keywords at Jimdo
13:23 Future developments in the online industry, in particular AI and automation
14:50 Advertizing campaign with Neil Patrick Harris (“How I met your Mother”)
15:33 Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs


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To Matthias Henze
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