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Snapshot Podcast #14 | Andrew Allemann (DNW)

Special Guest

Podcast Special Guest

Andrew Allemann

Domain Name Wire



This time, we had the privilege of sitting down with Andrew Allemann, a renowned expert in domain investing and acclaimed editor of Domain Name Wire. He shared invaluable insights and experiences that can help you maximize your domain profits.

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01:13 How Andrew became interested in domain investing
02:10 The story behind Domain Name Wire
04:01 Key factors when evaluating a domain’s potential value
06:35 Andrew’s strategies behind successful domain investments
08:15 Common mistakes that new domain investors should avoid
10:54 Resources that domain investors should utilize
13:48 How investors keep themselves ahead of trends
17:26 The impact of new gTLDs in domain investing
18:43 Advice for someone who is just starting their domain investing journey


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