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Snapshot Podcast #12 | Bernhard Huter (EMC)

Special Guest

Podcast Special Guest

Bernhard Huter

EMC Home of Data



Our guest today, Bernhard Huter, is CEO of data center operator EMC Home of Data. In this episode we talk about energy efficiency, sustainability, and the data center operator industry as a whole.

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  • 00:41 Self introduction Bernhard Huter.
  • 01:20 EMC Home of Data and InterNetX partnership.
  • 02:11 Climate change challenges for data center operators.
  • 02:47 Motivation behind EMC Home of Data’s climate neutrality
  • 03:46 Energy efficiency and waste reduction in the data center
  • 05:37 Sustainable practices and technologies
  • 07:10 Renewable energy sources for data centers
  • 09:03 The idea behind Racks4Roots and goals achieved
  • 10:51 Goals and outlook for Racks4Roots
  • 12:26 Challenges in the sustainability effort.
  • 13:44 Outlook: Data center evolution over the next 5 years


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