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Snapshot Podcast #02 | Christian Jäger (CloudFest)

Special Guest

Podcast Special Guest

Christian Jäger




In this episode we talk to Christian Jaeger, CEO of CloudFest - probably the biggest and best known event in the cloud industry. We talk about the developments in the cloud business and what rollercoaster riding has to do with the cloud.

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  • 00:38 Introduction Christian Jäger
  • 01:34 History of CloudFests
  • 05:23 Trends in cloud business
  • 09:04 Why CloudFest is “The World’s #1 Cloud Conference”.
  • 10:49 Speaker and music at CloudFest 
  • 15:03 Impact of the Corona pandemic on CloudFest
  • 16:44 Sustainability and climate protection at InterNetX and CloudFest
  • 20:15 What makes CloudFest so exciting
  • 21:49 What roller coaster riding has to do with CloudFest


More about CloudFest
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