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Snapshot Podcast #03 | Dean Coclin (DigiCert)

Special Guest

Podcast Special Guest

Dean Coclin

Director of Business Development



In today’s episode, we’re speaking to Dean Coclin, Director of Business Development at Digicert, about VMCs. These provide brands with the opportunity to add visual verification to email communication with their logo, much the same way that you can boost the value of a Twitter account through verification.

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  • 00:49 Dean’s role as Director of Business Development at DigiCert
  • 01:59 S/MIME certificates and VMCs
  • 04:13 Current developments in cybercrime (phishing etc.)
  • 05:44 Explanation of DMARC
  • 07:32 Overview of email clients that support VMCs
  • 09:06 Big brands using VMCs
  • 11:15 The future of VMCs
  • 14:05 Further products and developments alongside VMCs (IOT security)

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