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Top 10 new gTLDs 2024

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Find out which top 10 new gTLDs 2024 are the top performers, based on the key findings of the Global Domain Report 2024.

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Simone Catania


Explore the top 10 new gTLDs 2024 and unlock interesting insights about this TLD category.

In today’s bustling domain marketplace, the most memorable domains under ccTLDs and legacy gTLDs have already been registered and are likely to cost a fortune on the aftermarket. Fresh relief comes from new gTLDs, innovative solutions to diversify and develop creative solutions in the domain naming landscape. The surprising breadth of these new gTLDs opens up unlimited horizons for inventive domain names, enabling brands to curate unique online identities.

Our Global Domain Report 2024 provides insightful findings of the most popular new gTLDs in the market. Stay tuned as we uncover the exciting list of the top 10 new gTLDs in 2024.

What are new gTLDs?

The category of new gTLDs represents the substantial expansion in the DNS, introduced in 2014 to alleviate the saturation of legacy domain spaces like .com, .net, and .org. Tailored to meet the evolving requirements of the internet, new gTLDs empower businesses and individuals to register more descriptive, relevant and memorable domain names. This shift opens a realm of opportunities for domain resellers, providing a diverse portfolio of domains that cater to specific industries, interests, geographical locations and beyond. For instance, the extension .pizza becomes an instant identifier for any pizza business, while .fashion, .cfd or .style explicitly caters to the apparel sector. Geographical extensions such as .asia, .berlin or .nyc offer a localized branding advantage.

For domain resellers, embracing new gTLDs means participating in the future of digital branding, offering clients unique naming solutions that enhance online identity and positioning in a competitive digital landscape.

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Who is embracing new gTLDs today?

New gTLDs have reshaped the digital domain landscape, offering unprecedented choice and flexibility for brands looking to stand out online. Initially slow to catch on, they are increasingly being leveraged by digital-native brands and niche markets to forge more robust, meaningful brand identities.

Despite their potential, the broader public recognition of new gTLDs still needs to be improved. This lack of awareness is partly due to the vast array of available options and the need for more adoption by leading brands in order to increase the visibility of available domain extensions in popular culture.

Nonetheless, new gTLDs have gained popularity as a powerful branding tool among forward-thinking companies. They offer a unique opportunity for businesses to align their domain names with their brand identity and market niche. By adopting these modern, descriptive extensions, companies enhance their online presence and create intuitive navigation paths for consumers that resonate with industry-specific branding.

In 2024, the world of domains got a big boost, with the addition of close to 36 million new gTLDs—indicating growth of almost 16%. Currently only making up a 10% chunk of the domain industry, it’s clear that the new gTLDs era is just starting.

What are the most frequently registered new gTLDs?

The Global Domain Report 2024, produced annually by InterNetX and Sedo, examines the domain industry in depth. Now in its fifth edition, we offer a comprehensive snapshot of the domain industry, encompassing ccTLDs, legacy gTLDs and new gTLDs, reflecting the status quo. Delving deeper into the world of new gTLDs, we have dedicated a significant section to examine new gTLDs that have impacted the landscape in 2024.

For the most recent ranking, data was gathered from ntldstats, a reputable source known for its extensive coverage of new gTLD metrics. The final collection date was set at 31 December 2023, ensuring the rankings reflect the most current trends and patterns in domain registration and usage year over year. The central factor for this ranking is the total number of domain registrations under each new gTLD.

The top 10 new gTLDs in 2024

Here, we present an in-depth analysis of the most successful new gTLDs, shedding light on the reasons behind their global appeal. Remarkably, these top 10 extensions accounted for over half of all new gTLD domain name registrations this year, claiming 53.2% combined.

10 .click (0.7 M domains)

Reflective of the interactive nature of the internet, .click is a catchy yet professional extension. It can imply an action-oriented approach or interactive experiences on the site, appealing to a broad range of businesses with its dynamic and direct message.

9 .app (0.7 M domains)

An example of tech TLD chosen by tech companies, .app intuitively conveys what the website is about, particularly for companies in the app development sector or those providing app-related services. Its popularity underlines the continuation of the app boom.

8 .vip (0.9 M domains)

Perfect for premium or exclusive services, products or experiences, .vip has mass appeal for any sector in which exclusivity and luxurious or high-end services must be conveyed.

7 .cfd (1.1 M domains)

Stands for clothing, fashion and design. Aligned with the thriving fashion industry, .cfd emerged as one of the fastest-growing TLDs in 2023. It offers a niche yet highly relevant option for anyone in the fashion realm.

6 .store (1.5 M domains)

Geared towards e-commerce, .store is straightforward and self-explanatory, making it an attractive choice for online retailers who want a clear, meaningful and relevant web address.

5 .site (1.8 M domains)

The .site extension provides a high degree of flexibility for implementation, making it a solid go-to for both technical and non-technical industries. It offers intuitive, easy-to-understand extensions suitable for a wide range of websites.

4 .shop (2.5 M domains)

Primarily aimed at the e-commerce sector, .shop offers businesses an excellent opportunity to create intuitive web addresses for their online storefronts. Its ranking among the top speaks volumes about the growth and significance of digital commerce.

3 .top (3.1 M domains)

The extension .top signifies excellence and appeals to those wanting to convey the quality or rank of their product or service. Its high ranking indicates its broad applicability and desirability in telling audiences about the quality of a site’s offerings.

2 .online (3.3 M domains)

A versatile new gTLD that accurately reflects today’s digital-centric business models. The popularity of .online is driven by its universal applicability and digital connotation, making it a hot favorite for many online projects, from blogs to e-commerce stores.

1 .xyz (3.8 M domains)

Dominating the new gTLD arena, .xyz has steadfastly maintained its leading position. Most recently, .xyz has become the go-to TLD for innovative Web3 projects, primarily relating to crypto and blockchain sectors, and for tech companies at large, inspired by Google’s registration of for their parent company, Alphabet Inc. The universal appeal of this extension lies in its ability to be effortlessly adapted for any idea or enterprise – a characteristic that has resulted in widespread adoption across diverse industries. Its extraordinary versatility is underscored by its prominence in the primary market and aftermarket, as evidenced by its presence on platforms like Sedo, where 3 of the top 10 sales included domains under .xyz.

This is are most registered top 10 new gTLDs in 2024.

The strategic importance of new gTLDs for domain resellers

New gTLDs are essential to a domain reseller’s portfolio, offering clients an expanded scope of marketable options in the ever-evolving digital landscape. They provide niche-specific, innovative and memorable domain names that often better reflect a brand’s identity or business mission. Showcasing a range of new gTLDs enhances a reseller’s offerings and positions them as forward-thinking and adaptable to digital trends. Their importance cannot be understated as they enable resellers to better cater to customers’ evolving needs, ensuring continued relevance in the fiercely competitive domain name market.

Future insights on new gTLDs

As we analyze the insights and emerging trends from the GDR24, several key predictions for future new gTLD trends come to light. The zeitgeist of the digital age points toward greater customization and brand-specific domains, suggesting a proliferation of corporate-niched TLDs as businesses strive for a unique online identity. In the top 10 new gTLDs 2024 this year, we notice a sharp uptick in the adoption of new gTLDs. We expect this trend to flow towards a more community-focused cyberspace which fosters a sense of digital belonging.

The advent of ICANN’s second new gTLD program in 2026 is set to inject even more diversity into the domain industry. The program aims to accommodate the evolving utilization of the internet and linguistic demands, hinting at the rise of TLDs in non-Latin scripts to cater to a global audience. The bottom line: the future of domain names is rooted in enhanced personalization, global inclusivity and a tailored user experience.

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